Tip Trader: Tools, HVAC and Storage

Handyman Club members share their home and workshop hints.

A Better Grip
Club member Michael Renaud of Clearwater, Florida, modified his drill-chuck key to make it easier to grip and to allow for greater leverage. He simply removed the blade from an old screwdriver and fastened the chuck key in its place with epoxy.

Sorting Saver
To make it easier to sort the various nuts and bolts that he stores in jars, Club member Randy Devening of San Leon, Texas, designed and built this sorting tray from a small section of scrap plywood and a few bits of 1x material. He pours the jar’s contents onto the tray, finds what he’s looking for and then dumps the hardware back in the jar.

Fast Filter Access
Difficulty changing his furnace filter inspired Club member Les Eastep of Rochester, Illinois, to attach a cabinet knob to the filter cover. Now he can easily reach the cover without skinning his knuckles.