Plumb Perfect Wine Rack

This countertop rack is made with common plumbing materials, so it’s inexpensive and easy to build. Yet its rich copper color will complement any connoisseur’s collection — from warm reds to sparkling whites and everything in between.

1. First measure, mark and cut all pieces of 1/2-in. copper tubing according to the cutting list (below). A pipe cutter works best for this step, as there are many pieces to cut.

2. Using a 1/2-in. pipe cleaner (shown) or low-grit sandpaper, clean the ends of each piece of tubing and the interior of each tee and elbow fitting. This will help to create a strong bond with the copper adhesive.

3. Starting with the base wine-bottle cradle, apply a bead of Just-For-Copper (see SOURCES ONLINE) to the ends of two 15-3/4-in. sections of tubing; then add a tee fitting to each end. (Continue applying a bead of adhesive to all joints as you assemble.) At the ends of the four tee fittings you just secured, insert a 3-1/8-in. piece of tubing. Cap all four ends with elbow fittings; then enclose the cradle by inserting a 1-5/8-in. piece of tubing between the elbows on each end. Wrap rubber bands around the elbows until the adhesive dries.

4. Assemble the second and third cradles in the same way, but use different sizes of tubing as described in the cutting list. (Note: The middle cradle requires double tee fittings secured with 1-in. tubing in between.) To stack the cradles, align the tee fittings between each tier and insert 4-1/4-in. tubing. Allow 10 minutes for the adhesive to dry; then remove the rubber bands. You can shine the wine rack with steel wool and add a coat of protective finish or leave the copper as is for a more rustic look.

Shopping List
1/2-in.-dia. x 5-ft. copper tubing (2)
1/2-in.-dia. x 3-ft. copper tubing (1)
Copper tee fittings (16)
Copper elbow fittings (12)
Just-For-Copper solderless adhesive

Cutting List
No., Description, Size
2, Base cradle pieces (inside tees), 15-3/4 in.
4, Base cradle pieces (outside tees), 3-1/8 in.
6, Cradle ends, 1-5/8 in.
4, Middle and top cradle pieces (inside tees), 12-1/4 in.
4, Middle cradle pieces (between tees), 1 in.
4, Middle cradle pieces (outside tees), 2 in.
4, Top cradle pieces (outside tees), 1-3/4 in.
8, Tier supports, 4-1/4 in.

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