Polish Up Your Walls With This New Paint

Bold nail polish colors aren't just for teenage girls anymore.

With Clark+Kensington's recent collaboration with beauty brand O.P.I, now anyone looking to brighten up a room can find playful nail polish colors in the form of high-quality interior paint.

Highlighting some of O.P.I.'s most popular polish colors such as I Eat Mainely Lobster, Miami Beet, Vant to Bite My Neck, Keeping Suzi at Bay and more, Clark+Kensington has compiled three stylish collections that also include complementing hues from the company's existing options, all available at Ace Hardware.

HANDY recently had an opportunity to test Lavender Bliss from the Wild Heart collection. And to get an honest take on the color, we painted the room of one of the most particular of all customers, a 13-year-old budding fashionista. The verdict: "OMG, I love it!"

From the DIYer perspective, I can report that the paint performs well, too. We painted over a color that was quite bright and achieved complete coverage in just two coats of the Clark+Kensington Paint+Primer in One. The smooth paint consistency leveled out roller and bruch marks quickly, and the fumy odor to be expected with any painting project was minimal.

Wishing for a slightly more subdued color than what was previously on the walls, but still wanting a hip space to call her own, the teenager that belongs to this bedroom was very excited to learn about Clark+Kensington's nail polish-inspired interior paint colors.

Featuring both paint and primer in one, the Lavender Bliss color quickly covered the previous paint on the walls and rolled on smoothly.

The paint's smooth consistency was also easy to work with when cutting in along the ceiling and window trim.

But the true test with this paint was in the color. When the paint was dry and the furniture was placed back into the bedroom, the nail polish-inspired hue that we selected is what we ended up with on the wall, and that makes both teenagers and style-conscious DIYers very happy. (Now if only I could convince the teenager to be a DIYer...oh the projects we could get done!)

Pleased with the result of this painting project and the new O.P.I. colors from Clark+Kensington, we're planning to add a few accent colors throughout the room with the suggestions provided by the Wild Heart collection.

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