New Products for Fall

Check out some of the best products for DIYers that we’ve seen lately.

The HANDY team is always on the lookout for new products that make DIY projects easier and for innovative brands that continue to push technological limits.

Dremel Ultra-Saw
This inventive tool combines a circular saw and a grinder in one lightweight package. Upright, the saw can be used for plunge cuts into materials such plywood and drywall. Because it’s light weight and easy to control, you can also turn it on its side and use it for flush cuts. Swap out the blade for an abrasive, and you can grind out mortar to replace a tile. Another blade works as a grinder, cutting through metal.

Hyde Dust-Free Sponge Sander
This system pairs a replaceable sponge sanding pad with a hose that you can attach to a shop vacuum to suck up dust as you sand. It’s particularly useful for sanding drywall or refinishing wood furniture, where a sponge can fit in tight corners.

Black & Decker 20V Max Lithium Drill/Driver with Autosense Technology
With this new tool from Black & Decker, you can choose driving or drilling via a touch pad on top (which also displays remaining battery life). The automatic clutch senses changes in torque as a screw is driven and adjusts its power accordingly. Once you reach final depth, the drill goes into quarter-turn mode, allowing you to set the screw just below the surface.

Hart C-Clamp with Quick-Tight Technology
These C-clamps look much like the old standards, but two features set them apart. First, a quick-release clutch on the screw foot means you can speedily get clamps into (and out of) position without having to unscrew and rescrew the whole length of the clamp. Second, the screw grip can be flipped 90 degrees, making it easier to tighten for high clamping pressure or in awkward positions.

Toro 24V Max Sweeper
This new sweeper from Toro is meant for hard-surface cleanup: blowing grass clippings off a driveway, clearing leaves from a sidewalk, etc. It has two speed settings (the slower one is useful for delicate areas such as flower beds) and is lightweight (about five pounds with the Li-Ion battery), so you can use it in all kinds of hard-to-reach spaces, unencumbered by a cord or gas tank.

Graco TrueCoat 360DS
This paint sprayer replaces the traditional cup and suction tube with a bag system. Just fill one of the paint bags and squeeze out the air at the top. Because there’s no air in the system, you never lose your prime and you can paint at any angle, easily transitioning between vertical and overhead surfaces. Cleanup is quick When you’re done, just toss the liner and flush the system with water.

Arrow PT50 Pneumatic Staple Gun
A manual staple gun is fine if you’re just using a few staples. But for more demanding projects (upholstery, putting up Christmas lights, etc.), this pneumatic staple gun from Arrow speeds up the process without wearing out your hands. The magazine cartridge is easy to load, and the bumpfire mode works well for when you need to quickly set a bunch of staples.

Kreg Foreman Pocket-Hole Machine
Priced for the home shop, Kreg’s new self-contained pocket-hole machine eliminates fiddling with clamps and depth-stops on handheld drill bits — it’s as simple as setting the machine’s drilling depth and laying your workpiece on the table. The built-in clamp holds your piece in place as you drill. The tabletop unit with a cast-aluminum table and molded-plastic base weighs about 20 pounds and comes complete with the drilling motor and a dust collection port.

Rockwell 20V Max Lithium Brushless Cordless Drill
Rockwell’s first brushless tool, the 20-volt Li-Ion drill/driver, packs a punch. Brushless motors have a longer life and require less energy to run, so you can drive more screws and drill more holes on each charge. This tool is backed by a 10-year-warranty on the motor and a three-year-warranty on the rest of the drill, with free replacement batteries for life with registration.

Wagner Smart Sidekick Roller
With this power painting system, your roller is always loaded: The electric pump attaches directly to the can, which means you can keep painting until the can runs dry. Cleanup is a simple 10-minute process using soap and water to flush the system.

Worx Extended Reach Driver
This 4-volt driver is lightweight and powerful enough for most fastening jobs around the house. But the real magic is in the extendable driveshaft, which gives you an extra 2-in. reach for tight spots. The chuck is also offset, so you can easily line up screws located in corner joints — useful for installing cabinet hardware or window blinds.

Crescent X2 Pliers
These steel pliers look a little funny, but that’s key to their performance. The second jaw pivot point means they can be used in narrow spaces while still allowing the jaw to open fully. Both the straight and angle-nose versions measure about 13 in., giving you plenty of reach into tight spaces that other pliers just can’t maneuver in.

Smart Tape
This adhesive tape has measurements printed directly on it. Use it for laying out cabinets during a kitchen remodel, rearranging furniture in your house, hanging shelves on the wall or even mocking up big projects in the garage — anywhere a temporary tape measure would make a difference. It comes in yellow or white, and rolls are available in 10 and 30 yard lengths.

Ryobi 18V One+ Orbital Jig Saw
Designed to deliver the same power as a corded jigsaw, Ryobi’s new 18-volt cordless tool features a drop-base design (dubbed BladeSaver). The foot of the saw can be adjusted up and down to use different parts of the blade, extending its life. The speed-match labeling on the side of the tool shows which speeds should be used for different materials, a great feature for those learning to using a jigsaw.

The tool-less blade clamp makes changing blades easy, and the variable-speed trigger controls cutting speeds between 1,100 to 3,000 spm. A small blower near the blade keeps sawdust out of the way so you can see your cut. And, the saw is part of the One+ system, which means the batteries are interchangeable with more than 50 Ryobi tools.

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