Handy Innovation Award Winner: Hart C-Clamp

Rethinking a workshop classic, check out how the Hart C-Clamp will help you complete projects faster and give you more versatility when clamping.

Hart has redesigned a workshop staple. First, the C-Clamp with QuickTight Technology features a quick-release clutch on the screw foot that allows you to speedily get clamps into (and out of) position without having to unscrew and re-screw the whole length of the clamp. Second, the screw grip can be flipped 90 degrees, giving you more torque for tough clamping jobs or when working in awkward positions.

Stay tuned for Handy's full coverage of the Hart C-Clamp and the other 2014 Handy Innovation Award winners and honorable mentions in the Winter 2014 issue.

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