HIA Honorable Mention: Snow Brush

Rethinking a common snow-removal tool, the Scratch-Free Snow Brush features EVA foam rather than stiff, frequently clogging bristles.

Making use of EVA foam (commonly found in automated carwashes) rather than common bristles, the Scratch-Free Snow Brush from True Temper clears snow quickly without scratching a vehicle’s surfaces. The foam wraps around the head of the tool, providing a round point that is useful for clearing snow in tough-to-reach areas such as around mirrors and windshield wipers. The brush also features a scraper end for chipping away ice where needed.

Stay tuned for Handy's full coverage of the Scratch-Free Snow Brush from True Temper and the other 2014 Handy Innovation Award winners and honorable mentions in the Winter 2014 issue.

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