Winter 2015 HandyWorks

Check out some of our favorite member-submitted projects.

One-Man Workshop
Club member Scott Lawson of Holden, Massachusetts, recently completed his two-story workshop — and he framed and finished the whole thing by himself. After a local company poured the concrete slab, he spent 15 weeks working on the building. The lower floor is reserved for Scott’s automotive and machine work; the upper floor, accessed by an external stairway, houses his woodshop. LED lighting keeps the place well illuminated while saving energy.

Embellished Cutting Board
Club member Tom Valeriano of Bernville, Pennsylvania, likes to give handmade cutting boards for wedding gifts. When an artist friend of his decided to get hitched, Tom took the opportunity to add a couple of his own artistic flourishes to his gift. The final cutting board measures 14 x 24 in. and is made of walnut, sycamore, cherry, ash and white oak. The octopi on the ends are hand-carved from walnut and stand roughly 8 in. high.

Round-Top Chest
For the first Christmas he shared with his girlfriend, Club member Tony Waterman of Downsville, Louisiana, built a round-top chest from plywood, pine and poplar as a gift. To achieve a rich, dark color, Tony used a coat of ebony stain followed by a coat of mahogany stain. He then lined the chest with felt and crushed velvet. The gift must have impressed his then girlfriend, because they’re now husband and wife.

Butcher-Block Island
As part of a kitchen remodel, Club member Mike Melquist of Kernersville, North Carolina, decided to install a kitchen island. He purchased a cabinet that matches the rest of his kitchen, attached wheels to the bottom and assembled a butcher-block top: Using some maple he received from a friend, he glued up four 9-in.-wide sections and then planed and glued the four sections together. After several rounds of sanding, Mike applied half a dozen coats of mineral oil and a layer of butcher-block cream.