No More Mowing! Prep Your Mower for Winter

These tips from John Deere will help you to enjoy a break from lawn care this winter by keeping your mower shipshape while in storage.

Store you grass-cutting machine properly and it'll be ready to roll when spring comes back around.

1. Clipping and debris buildup under the deck can cut airflow and reduce effectiveness. A dirty deck can also cause rust and corrosion during winter storage. Turn the mower on its side and clean the undercarriage with a hose.

2. Add a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank to prevent separation that can lead to corrosion. After adding the stabilizer, run the engine for five minutes.

3. Give it a once over. Tighten all nuts and bolts; check belts filters, safety shields and guards. Replace any damaged or missing parts, including spark plugs. Check tire tread and pressure. Make sure your mower will be ready to hit the ground running next spring.

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