3 Snow-Removal Tools You Haven't Seen Before

Did you ever think that snow removal could be fun? Perhaps not with your rusty old shovel, but these three winter tools are anything but boring.

Snow Wolf
Relieving much of the physical stress associated with shoveling, the Snow Wolf (also referred to as the Wovel) incorporates a large wheel that makes is easier to push and toss snow out of the way. Check out the video demonstration above.

Toro Power Shovel
This tool is like a regular snow shovel on steriods. It's equipped with snow-thrower-like feautres such as a curved rotor and inverted-funnel housing. The Toro Power Shovel is also electric, meaning there's no gas or oil to deal with.

Avalanche Roof Snow Removal System
Designed to slice through heavy snow on a roof, the Avalanche may look a bit strange, but you'll see in the video above that it works amazingly well. Also, the plastic slide quickly diverts the snow coming off of the roof to a safe location on the ground.

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