Make a Mud Room

Is your house taken over by mountains of mittens, boots, puffy coats and other outdoor apparel? Create a place for everything with these simple mud-room-style storage ideas.

Make your own mud room using one of these simple, great-looking storage ideas.

Incorporate unused space. This custom unit started out as an above-the-refrigerator cabinet. Now it does double-duty by storing outerwear right next to the back door of the home.

Find free plans for building this beautiful bench that doubles as shoe storage.

If you don't have a specific room next to your home's entry for storing outdoor items, here's an example of a furniture piece that can be added. It has many uses: room divider, outerwear storage, bookcase, bench. Add a mirror and you're sure to leave the house looking great every day.

Use existing or standard cabinets and modify them to store some shoes next to an entry door. Check out this article about customizing cabinets for more ideas.

Bonus project: Find premium plans for building this classy piece, perfect for storing outerwear and kids' sports items.