New-Age Holiday Lighting

Imagine what Clark Griswold could do with these new high-tech holiday lighting options.

One thing's for sure, Clark wouldn't have to spend nearly as much time hanging holiday lights as he did back in the National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation days. Check out what's new in holiday lighting today.

Laser Christmas Lights
No more climbing up on a wobbly ladder or untangling strings of lights. These simple-yet-spectacular lights cast a myriad of illuminated colors across any surface, including a house, trees, pathways, etc.

iTwinkle Light from GE
Create amazing light shows indoors and out with the iTwinkle Light system from Nicolas Holiday and GE. Using your smartphone, iTwinkle allows you to control your holiday lights with color, music, rhythm, voice, patterns and more.

For holidays and beyond, this string of app-controlled lights allows you to set any mood with lighting using any bluetooth-enabled device. Design color schemes, play music, even share your custom creations with friends.

Memorable Holiday Light Show
Check out this humorous holiday light show created last season by a homeonwer from Newark, California.