Finger-Saving Saw: See It In Action

SawStop's newest table saw, available now, brings their innovative safety features to a portable saw.

The saw, dubbed the Jobsite Saw, begins shipping in March 2015. SawStop's technology incorporates a blade braking system, which detects any contact with human flesh and brings the blade to a halt in less than five milliseconds – the difference between losing a finger and just a small nick, as demonstrated in the video, below:

The saw retails for about $1300 fully-loaded, which is definitely on the high-end of the portable table saw spectrum. But it's SawStop's most affordable version, about $500 cheaper than SawStop's contractor saw (which also isn't as portable).

When I first saw this technology on a saw, I was very impressed. Fitting the blade-braking system into a portable table saw is an even more impressive feat. Learn more about the Jobsite Saw at