Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Handy Must-Haves

Selected by the team of experts at Handyman Club of America, this essential home-improvement gear will ensure that you—or the DIY obsessive in your life—will have a very handy 2015.

Grenade Screwdriver Set

This one-of-a-kind screwdriver set will be the talk of your holiday party. The unique grenade-shape handle houses six common screwdriver bits; to use the tool, you simply remove the cap, open the handle, insert the extension piece with bit attachment and close the handle. The attached key ring also provides a convenient storage option while adding to the tool’s novel look. Boom! $19.99

Fireman’s Hose Nozzle

This heavy-duty nozzle is a blast to use, because you can change settings fast. It works well on the lawn and in the garden, and it’s also perfect for power-washing siding, dirty vehicles and driveways. Five settings deliver everything from a fine mist to a powerful stream; simply twist the nozzle to adjust. Fits standard 5/8-inch hoses. $19.99

Olympia Tools Turbo Driver

Handling the jobs of 14 tools in one, this self-adjusting ratchet driver quickly accommodates different sizes of nuts with the push of a conveniently located and easy-to-use thumb button. Its ergonomic T-shape handle provides plenty of leverage to tighten or loosen tricky fasteners, and its length helps you access hard-to-reach places. $19.99

12” A-Maze-N Tube Smoker Prefilled

Turn your ordinary grill into a BBQ Pit! It's true...the A-MAZE-N Tube Smoker can be used in nearly any charcoal, gas or pellet grill to add the sensational smoky flavor you're after. $34.99

Motion Activated Animal Repeller

Your heirloom tomatoes should be part of a fresh garden salad, not a midnight snack for the local critters. Whether deer, squirrels or raccoons are your problem, this little device will help scare off the produce-robbing bandits. It utilizes an Advanced Ultrasonic Frequency, so you can humanely drive animals away from your garden. $19.99

Olympia Tool Set

Perfect for the new homeowner, this 45-piece set contains the right combination of hand tools for many tasks around the house. A small hammer, a couple of small clamps, needle-nose pliers and a screwdriver with 10 interchangeable bits are just a handful of the must-have tools included. Various Allen wrenches, sockets and a pocket-size level also fit neatly and securely inside the durable case. $26.99

Encyclopedia of Container Plants

If you’re looking for ideas for planting containers, you’re sure to find them in this book. It has more than 500 eye-catching choices, illustrated with superb color photography on every page. The book also provides a guide to planting and maintaining a container, design ideas for creative plant combinations, advice on how to achieve peak performance from plants and a gallery of container compositions. $34.95

Man Made Meals

Cookbooks for men sometimes get patronizing (slow down, smell the sausage). Not this one. Steven Raichlen’s lively writing in Man Made Meals will get you pumped to cook with edge, style and bold flavor. His recipes will hook you, from highfalutin’ fare like Lemon Soy London Broil to lowbrow-but-want-to-make options like Cheap Date Hash. $119.00

Wagner Spray Tech Flexio 590

A true innovation in paint-sprayer technology, the Flexio 590 is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. It makes big painting projects easier and faster—not to mention better looking—than jobs done with rollers and brushes. The corded sprayer is quiet and relatively easy to clean after each use. But the best part is the consistent, professional-quality finish that you can achieve while using it. $149.99

USA Bamboo Cutting Board

Totally Bamboo presents "The United States of Bamboo," ideal for both indoor and outdoor entertaining. A genuine conversation piece. $339.99

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