Tip Trader: Parts Washer and Stripped Screws

Home-improvement enthusiasts share their home and workshop hints.

Stripped-Screw Fix
Next time you need to repair a stripped screw hole, try this tip from Club member Erwin Cohen of Orlando, Florida. Fill the stripped hole with an appropriate wood filler, and before the filler sets, stand a small brad in the center. Once the filler has dried, remove the brad and you'll have a perfectly centered starter hole for replacing the screw.

Extended Solvent Life
Club member Edward Piwinski of Elkton, Maryland, devised this clever system to get the most life out of the solvent in his parts washer. He drilled a small hole in the top of an ordinary automotive oil filter and then created a stand for the filter from a short section of PVC pipe. At the end of each cleaning job, Ed runs the solvent through the filter for a few minutes to remove any suspended contaminants. For added filtration, Ed placed a refrigerator magnet around the filter to help trap any metal particulates.