This Product Will Rescue Your Paintbrushes

Save time and mess while completing a painting project, and keep your paintbrushes shipshape afterward with this useful product.

Have you ever experienced a painting project that you thought would only take a few hours end up taking a few days? Add the task of washing brushes at the end of each day and you've got even more time wasted. Wrapping wet brushes in cellophane or plastic bags during breaks in painting saves some time, but that can get messy and often doens't provide a tight seal. The Paint Brush Cover (about $20 for a pack of three) will not only save you time and mess during a painting project, it's also useful for long-term storage of clean, dry paintbrushes.

You can be confident that the paint won't dry on wet brushes during a project if you place them in airtight Paint Brush Covers. And when you're ready to store clean, dry brushes until your next painting project, the Paint Brush Covers will prevent bristles from damage. The covers fit most sizes of brushes, straight and angled. Get a few Paint Brush Covers for your shop today.

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