6 Projects To Do While You're Stuck Indoors

Winter hasn't released it's bitter-cold grip yet? Good thing there's still stuff to get done indoors. Here are some cabin-fever-reducing projects suggestions from DAP.

Too cold or too much snow to get any outdoor projects done? Don't waste this time sitting around watching hours of T.V. Instead, tackle the following six indoor projects suggested by DAP:

  1. Seal Drafty Windows. Save energy and reduce utility costs by sealing drafty windows around the house. Use DAP Dynaflex 230 100 percent Waterproof Window, Door and Trim Sealant.
  2. Install a Closet Organizer. An off-the-shelf organizer system offers the ideal way to keep your closet clutter under wraps. Find numerous options at your favorite hardware and home-improvement retailer.
  3. Refresh Your Bathroom. Replacing a shower fixture or resealing your bathtub are simple and budget friendly projects that can give your bathroom a fresh new look.
  4. Accessorize Cabinets. New knobs, pulls and handles are an easy way to improve the overall look of a kitchen or bathroom without going to the expense of adding custom cabinets.
  5. Fix or Add Crown Molding. Crown moldings can really add value to your home and make any room feel more upscale. Use DAP Alex Flex Molding and Trim Sealant – specially formulated for architectural moldings.
  6. Patch and Paint. Fill in any chips and scratches on your walls, or paint a whole room for a fresh look come spring.