Enter the Handy Treasure Chest Giveaway

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We've got an opportunity for you to win prizes from your favorite brands: the Handy Treasure Chest giveaway. You can enter the Handy Treasure Chest giveaway once per day, so come back tomorrow and throw your name in again! We'll draw the winner's name on the deadline listed below, and then we'll let you know who it is when the next giveaway goes live. Good luck and stay tuned for more great prizes to come from the Handy Treasure Chest!

Prize: Dremel Micro 8050

Equipped with a motor powerful enough to cut through metal yet designed small enough to hold between your thumb and forefinger for maximum control, the Dremel Micro 8050 can help you tackle a wide variety of tough, detailed projects around the house. And you can win it in the Handy Treasure Chest giveaway. The Micro runs on an 8-volt battery and features a 360-degree grip zone for comfort and control. Plus, the Mirco 8050 is completely compatible with all Dremel accessories. Enter every day through February 15, 2015, for your chance to win the Dremel Mirco 8050!