The Smartest Lightbulb in the Room

This powerful projector is controlled by your phone and lets you watch movies, play games, and will even assist you in your daily activities. And it's powered by a light socket.

Beam, recently launched on Kickstarter, has packed a fully-featured projector into a lightbulb-sized package (maybe more of a floodlight-sized package). It's powered by any light socket and projects images up to 120 inches wide.

Beam features a 100 lumen, LED Pico projector rated for 20,000 projection hours, a 12x LED light, as well as two 2 watt speakers. It's powered by an Android computer with a 1.3 ghz dual core processor, 8 GB of storage, and has onboard Wifi and Bluetooth connections.

Beam has already met its Kickstarter goal, but you still have time to back the project and get a Beam for it's introductory price of $399. Check it out!