Tip Trader: Make a Vise and Painting Tip

Home-improvement enthusiasts share their home and workshop hints.

Out of the Gutter
If you need to apply paint or stain directly from the can, make cleanup quick and easy by following this tip from Club member Don Carlson of Ventura, California. Apply masking tape in a hexagonal pattern around the can's lip. The tape not only keeps fluids from building up in the can's gutter but also provides a straightedge on which to wipe excess paint or stain as you pull out the brush.

Temporary Vise
Even woodworkers occasionally need a machinist's vise. Next time you want to do some light work on a piece of metal without permanently bolting a large vise to your nice woodworking bench, follow the lead of Club member Raymond Erkkila of St. Charles, Missouri. He fastened a 2x4 scrap to the bottom of his machinist's vise. That way, he could quickly clamp it into his woodworking vise as needed and store it below his bench afterward.