New Smarter and Safer Table Saw from Bosch

This brand-new table saw from Bosch uses airbag technology from their auto division to make a smarter, safer tool.

Bosch tools just announced a new, portable table saw, the REAXX Portable Jobsite Saw. While it looks a lot like other portable table saws, this one is quite different, packing a very, very interesting safety feature. When any flesh (or other conductive object) touches the blade when it's in motion, the blade stops and retracts into the table. Here's the kicker: the blade remains undamaged.

Bosch tapped some tech from their automotive division and airbag technology to figure out how to achieve the stop and retract quickly. Doing it without damaging the blade makes this a very interesting competitor to SawStop, which uses a similar sensing technology but employs a disposable cartridge to stop the blade. Using SawStop's system, if the cartridge triggers, your blade is also destroyed. The Bosch table saw does employ a cartridge that needs to be changed out if triggered, but the process takes only minutes.

Regardless, this sort of game-changing technology is something all table saw users should be interested in. Learn more in the video from Bosch, below.