Projects By DIYers Like You

Check out four fantastic projects created by fellow Handyman Club members. What do you think?

Under-tree house
Club member James Terry of Redford, Michigan, wanted to build his daughter a treehouse but didn’t want to damage his tree, so he designed this elevated playhouse instead. He first built a 10-ft.-high deck with pressure-treated lumber and then topped it with a 6 x 10-ft. structure that includes a small porch and an overhanging roof. He incorporated a trapdoor in the floor and added four Plexiglas windows that open for airflow. Nylon rope on the stair railing adds a colorful touch.

Dishing out a gazebo
Club member Thomas Miles of Loretto, Kentucky, repurposed an old metal-and-mesh satellite dish for the top of this one-of-a-kind gazebo. To make the decorative posts and railing, he used pieces of wrought iron left over from previous projects, so the entire structure was nearly cost-free. Thomas even used found rocks to build the circular patio. He finished off the project by adding a table and chairs, creating a breezy and beautiful outdoor sitting area.

Intricate intarsia
To make this wood-mosaic motorcycle, Club member Ron Selchert of Waukesha, Wisconsin, carefully measured, cut and sanded pieces of different hardwoods, which gives the project several color and grain variations. He then glued the pieces together and coated the project with a clear, protective finish. “It took me about 3-1/2 months to complete,” Ron says. “It was tedious but very rewarding.”

Fab family-room floor
To create an interesting new look for his home’s lower level, Club member Tom White of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, stained the concrete floor. He used two different colors of acid stain to make a checkerboard pattern that extends throughout three rooms. Tom admits that the staining process was labor-intensive, but he’s proud of the result — and of how much money he saved compared with other flooring options. “I did my entire basement for less than $400!” he says.