Projects By DIYers Like You

Fellow hands-on homeowners are building some really cool projects; here are four highlights. What do you think?

Lean, green storage machine
Completed in just one weekend, this green monster tool caddy, as creator and Club member Michel Nadeau of Miller Place, New York, calls it, is made out of leftover wood from other projects. It features casters for mobility, a lazy Susan for easy access to all sides, arms for holding various power tools and pegboard for storing hand tools. Additional hooks and lipped shelves hold bits, fasteners, paper towels, clamps and even a 5-gallon bucket, and a power strip keeps electricity at the ready.

Big-rig bed
“My grandson just turned 2 years old, and he loves big trucks,” says Club member Michael Bearden of Greenville, Texas. And considering that he once drove one, Michael knows a thing or two about big rigs. He used his knowledge to construct a bed for his grandson out of 1x8 pine boards and a 4 x 8-ft. sheet of 1/2-in. medium-density fiberboard. He added fun details to create the look of a Mack truck and even incorporated storage space under the hood. Michael finished the bed with implement-equipment enamel for sheen and durability.

Made in (and of) the USA
As a child, Club member Wayne Taylor of Sierra Vista, Arizona, started collecting dirt samples from every state that his family visited, and he continued this tradition into adulthood. To display his unique soil collection, Wayne crafted a table using white oak and maple and then carefully routed out the shape of the states along the top. He filled each state with dirt from that location and then poured a 1/16-in. layer of clear acrylic over the top to create a durable, functional surface.

Old World-style outdoor kitchen
Club member Allen Heiting of Menasha, Wisconsin, built this impressive outdoor kitchen with the help of a friend who is a tile layer. The duo dug a 2-ft.-deep channel around an existing slab and buried PVC pipes that house electricity, natural gas and cable lines beneath 14 in. of gravel and 9 in. of concrete. Allen chose Old World-style bricks for the walls, columns and fireplace and integrated an electrical outlet for plugging in a TV and a switch for the lighting inside the columns. The outdoor escape also features concrete countertops, a built-in grill and storage and a dining area.