Gardening to Go: Build an Outdoor Work Cart

This rolling workstation is perfect for toting and storing gardening tools and supplies.

I enjoy gardening, but I don't like spending all day on my knees. Although some kneeling is necessary, I’d rather work at a bench whenever possible. Potting benches are nice, but they're stationary. That’s why I designed a portable workstation and cart that goes wherever I need to work.

To make the design universally appealing, I sought input from several gardeners. The bin features a front-lift gate and is sized to fit a 2 x 3-ft. utility mixing tub (available at most hardware stores and home centers). These tubs are great for mixing soil and are easy to clean. Hand tools, gloves, seed packets and a water bottle will fit in a divided tool tray, and a side-mounted bracket holds long-handle tools. The space under the tabletop can be left open for large pots and plants or divided with shelves to hold trays of seedlings.

I used cedar to make the frame, but any exterior-grade lumber will work. Use 1/2-in. exterior AC plywood for the panels, and fasten the parts with exterior-rated glue and exterior-grade screws (stainless steel, galvanized or coated). A circular saw and drill/driver are the only power tools you need. If you have a cordless saw and drill combo kit, you're all set.

Another use for this cart
If you prefer to spend your time outdoors entertaining instead of gardening, you can easily adapt this cart for serving food and beverages. The bin will hold a couple of 2-ft.-long coolers, and the countertop and shelves can hold party supplies. A tile top and matching paint will make it suitable for any occasion.

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