Cooking with Beer

Very important question: Which beer should I use for cooking and baking?

Which beer should I use?

  • For long, slow cooking, use dark, malty beers.
  • For a quickly cooked pan sauce, choose mild-flavored light beers.
  • For baking, try lighter styles of white or wheat beer to avoid a bitter taste.
  • For uncooked marinades and salad dressings, hop-forward beers such as IPA are well-suited to bring out fullness of flavor.

Measuring beer to minimize froth

  • To reduce the amount of foam, open the bottle o beer earlier than needed.
  • Tilt a liquid measuring cup while pouring the beer slowly down the side.
  • When beer will be used just for cooking, you can even re-cap an open bottle, refrigerate it overnight and use it in the next day.

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