Angry Orchard's Muse

This summer, Angry Orchard Cider Company is releasing a new year-round specialty cider called The Muse. It's a candy-apple flavor bomb that comes in a gorgeous bottle begging to be uncorked.

An effervescent, super-fruity hard cider, The Muse's creation was inspired by slightly sweet demi-sec champagnes and sparkling wines. Made with select apple blends, it's aged in French oak and fermented, offering a delicious alternative to white wine. Or beer, for that matter.

The label reads:

The Muse is sweet upfront with a juicy apple aroma and bright acidity, and slightly drying on the finish with a lingering sweet apple note. The French oak adds a subtle wood impression, imparting notes of clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and hints of vanilla.

Here are some of the comments we heard from tasters in the Cooking Club office:

  • "This is something I'd open to celebrate. The bubbles and sweetness make it dessert-like."
  • "I thought it was light and sweet, perfect for a summer's day."
  • "I really don't like sweet, alcoholic drinks, but this one was good enough to make me almost want to finish it."
  • "Delicious and refreshing, Angry Orchard is perfect for a warm summer day!"

Look for it at your favorite beer and cider shop.

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