Pie Crust Protector

When baking pies, some crusts beat the clock, browning more quickly than the filling cooks. That’s especially true of all-butter or refrigerated prepared crusts. There's a better way.

One common way to prevent the edges from burning is to arrange strips of foil over them partway through baking. It’s a simple and inexpensive trick, but it’s also awkward. The strips don’t always stay on, and you can burn your fingertips messing with them.

Here’s a better method for a foil cover that stays in place:

Before making the pie, cut a round piece of heavy-duty foil that’s 1 to 1 1/2 inches larger than the diameter of the pie pan. Lay the foil over the top of the pan; press down around the outside edge so the foil is taught. With a knife, cut out a circle from the center 1 inch smaller than the diameter of the pan. Remove the foil from the pan, and drop it over the pie during baking, when the crust needs to be protected.

If you’re making several pies at once, you can reuse the cover if it doesn’t get too messy.

Watch this video to see the pie crust protector demonstrated. (Learn some additional tricks for using aluminum foil, too!)

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