Gelato Relief

August is typically one of those soggy-hot months that can hit you with sauna-strength force. When that happens, it’s time to chill—with a pint of gelato.

Or in our case, a boatload of pints! On a recent hot afternoon, the Cooking Club staff and other folks from Club headquarters sampled 9 flavors of Talenti Gelato, including Toasted Almond, Tahitian Vanilla Bean, Fudge Brownie and Double Dark Chocolate. And man oh man, did it hit the spot.

Talenti makes their gelato with fresh milk and pure cane sugar. They hand-pour the sugar from large sacks, blend in the milk and add crazy inventive ingredients to flavor each pint. Watch Talenti’s Wes Anderson-esque video, “A Vacation for Your Mouth,” to see a creative synopsis of the company’s gelato-making process.

We’re gelato fanatics, so we were curious to see how Talenti would hold up to our definition of good gelato: super-creamy texture, distinctive flavors and creative ingredients. After the feeding frenzy subsided, it was clear Talenti nailed it.

So what were the Cooking Club editors’ favorite Talenti flavors? These pints emptied faster than the rest: Caramel Apple Pie, Sea Salt Caramel and Raspberries & Cream.

If you want to scoop even deeper into the delizioso world of gelato, why not make your own? Check out Cooking Club’s recipe for Cappuccino Gelato with Chocolate Ganache Sauce.

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