Let’s Go Skinny Drinkin’

When it comes to cocktails, it can be bleak to compute the caloric tally. Relax—we found a line of spirits to keep happy hour happy.

No one can make the argument that cocktails are good for you. They are “empty calories” that absolutely do not get the time of day from the oh-so-stoic food pyramid. After a long work week, though, that martini or a vodka tonic might be just what the doctor ordered. Still, you actual doctor will wag her finger at you if you overdo it.

Skinnygirl Cocktails sells spirits that are lower in calories. A 1.5-oz. serving of its vodka is 75 calories, and a 5-oz. pour of its wine averages 100 calories. The company sells a variety of flavored vodkas, ready-to-serve cocktails and a line of red and white wines. We tried their white cherry vodka over ice with 7-Up and a twist of lemon. It was dangerously good. Like, we-could-drink-two-more-of-those good. Unlike some purportedly healthy, low-cal beverages, this spirit actually tasted delicious in our cocktail.

And hey—just because these bottles bear the name “Skinnygirl” doesn’t mean one must be female to enjoy them. If you’re planning a weekend at the cabin with the boys, though, rest assured you can always nestle that frosty bottle inside a classy brown paper bag. No one will be the wise, and you’ll be all the smarter (and slightly healthier).

Try using the White Cherry Skinnygirl Vodka in the Hard Lemonade cocktail from Cooking Club.