The Beer Lover’s Dream: Artisan Brew Bread

This bread is about as delicious and simple as baking gets. Just pour in the beer, stir and bake.

Unless you have a bread machine, bread baking can be labor-intensive. That’s why bread mixes abound on grocery store shelves. Sadly, many of them yield a hunk of something that’s anemic and flavorless.

But recently we sampled a mix that we really liked: Soberdough. It takes just a few minutes to mix it up (you’ll need a bottle of beer) and pop in the oven.

Like most mixes, it was simple to pull this bread together. But it was the taste that impressed us. The nuances of the malty beer come through, but not overly so. What you are left with is more of a complex, hearty loaf that tastes like it came fresh from an artisan baker. The loaf’s crusty top and moist crumb adds to the bakery experience. We liked it freshly cut as well as toasted.

Soberdough mixes come in several enticing flavors. We tried Original White, Honey Wheat and Cinnful Raisin. Other flavors include Green Chile Cheddar, Pumpkin Spice and Buffalovin’ Wing.