Classy Rednek Glasses for Guzzlin' Your Hooch

Check out the RedNek Wine Glasses. With their sturdy build and tongue-in-cheek design, they're a fun way to drink wine at home, on the boat or at the cabin.

New cooking products hit store shelves daily. Some are good—even excellent—while others, not so much. We like to give a shout-out to the good ones in order to make your kitchens better, your cooking easier and sometimes just to make you smile, like these Rednek wine glasses.

Now these are wine glasses with a sense of humor. Made in the USA, they started out as classic 1-pint Ball mason jars, including the two-piece lid. With the addition of a colorful glass stem, they’ve been transformed into practical, sturdy and ready-for-fun glasses.

Cooking Club Member price: $56.50 (set of 4)

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