Ingredient Spotlight: Cabbage

Inexpensive and packed with nutrients, cabbage is a healthy diet superstar.

Humble green cabbage doesn’t get the respect that its trendier cousins like kale or baby bok choy do. Here are five reasons it deserves a share of the spotlight.

1. It’s very low in calories: just 15 calories in a cup of raw cabbage.

2. It’s high in fiber: 2 grams per cup of raw cabbage.

3. It’s a useful ingredient in any weight-loss plan because of its high water content.

4. It’s one of the least expensive items in the produce aisle, yet it offers an impressive package of nutrients: One serving provides about half the daily recommended intake of vitamin C.

5. It contains cancer-fighting phytochemicals.

TIP Overcooking cabbage will reduce its benefits, so it’s best to enjoy it raw or lightly cooked.

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