This Game is Making Me Thirsty!

When the West Coast meets the East Coast in the desert on Sunday, many of their fans back home will be swigging and sipping locally produced craft beer and bourbon. Wish you could, too? You can. Track down these faves or something similar.

Show your allegiance to your favorite team with ample spirit--the cheering kind and the sipping kind.

Seahawk fans: With 45 or so breweries in and around Seattle (more than 180 in Washington State!), Legion of Boom boosters have plenty of local craft beers to choose from. Among them, the 13 brews from Pike Brewing Company, suds from Elysian Brewing (with clever names like Mens Room Original Red, Space Dust IPA and Loser--maybe don’t choose that last one on game day) and the 47 varieties brewed by Pyramid Breweries.

Patriot fans: Brady Bunch backers have seemingly limitless options for beer crafted in their six-state region. Some favorites (according to the Beer Advocate) are Heady Topper (which you need to buy as soon as a batch is released because it sells out fast) from The Alchemist Brewery, Double Sunshine IPA from Lawson's Finest Liquids and Abner (named after the brewer’s great-grandfather) from Hill Farmstead Brewery.

Neutral zone: Want to keep both sides happy at your party with just one brew? Serve suds crafted by Redhook. With breweries in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and Woodinville, Washington (a suburb of Seattle), anything from Redhook is a good nonpartisan choice.

If you’ve got something harder in mind, ‘Hawks and Pats fans don’t have to look far for whiskey from their regions. There are 27 distilleries in the Seattle area, according to Washington Distilleries. Two top dogs are OOLA Distillery’s Waitsburg Bourbon Whiskey and Wishkah River Distillery’s Thirteen Corners Virgin Cask Whiskey.

In the Northeast, Bully Boy (Boston’s first craft distillery) and Vermont Spirits (where bourbon starts with maple mash) produce local favorites.

Time to stock up!

Photo credit: Hornall Anderson

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