We Tried It: New Muddler Crushes It

Rabbit's new spring-loaded muddler makes quick work of crushing mint and other herbs.

Whether you're crushing mint for a mojito or julep, or basil for bruschetta, the challenge with the job is to crush rather than cut the herb. Traditional muddlers tend to mutilate, which can be annoying and even embarrassing. Ever sipped a mojito and wound up with bits of mint on your teeth? That's nothing to smile about!

Rabbit's new Spring-Loaded Push Muddler ($15, Metrokane) solves the crush-don't-cut problem. And it requires so little effort to use. Simply put the muddler in a container with the herb. When you push down, it causes the Muddler head to spin, which crushes the ingredients.

It's made of stainless steel, so it's plenty sturdy. And it disassembles easily for cleaning.

We've made room in our kitchen drawer for this very-handy tool.

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