Grilling Dos and Don’ts

Tips, techniques and insights for outdoor cooking success.

Do oil the food so it doesn’t stick to the grill.

Do scrape off the grill grate with a good brass-bristle brush after each use.

Do use long tongs rather than a fork to turn meat.

Do grill on foil cut about an inch larger than whatever you’re grilling.

Do start grilling beef on high heat and then reduce the heat.

Do brush with sauce at the end of grilling. Brushing it on too early may cause flare-ups and burning.

Don’t spray a hot grate with cooking spray.

Don’t stab meat with a fork. It releases the juices.

Don’t wrap foil too tightly around food. It needs some room to vent the steam.

Don’t spray flare-ups with a squirt bottle of water.

Don’t turn the food too soon. If the food sticks, you tried to turn it too soon.