Kosmic kale is out of this world

Move over, dinosaur kale. Kosmic Kale isn't just edible and pretty like the culinary world's beloved lacinato, it's dual-toned! Introduced for the first time nationally in 2014 bySuperNaturals, this standout kale has an attractive, upright form and green and white ruffled leaves that can be harvested continuously throughout the season.

Dick Degenhardt of Boskoop, Netherlands, bred this variety for its variegated leaves. Plants are propagated by root cuttings and don't produce seed.

Plant seedlings 18 to 24 inches apart for best results; harvest young and mature leaves for use as garnishes or additions to stir-fry dishes and salads.

Common name: Kosmic Kale

Light: Full to partial sun

Height: 24 inches

Width: 30 inches

Where to buy and learn more: Garden Life