Peppermint Stick chard reveals vibrant colors

Named for its stunning, two-toned stalks, Peppermint Stick chard is striking enough for use in ornamental as well as edible gardens.

Introduced by Renee's Garden in 2014, this open-pollinated variety produces young leaves that are perfect for salads. Or, wait until the plant matures to harvest big, bold leaves and stalks that can be used just like spinach in your favorite soups and stews.

Plant seeds outdoors in early spring after the danger of frost has passed: You'll be harvesting baby greens in about 30 days. Bonus: It's bolt resistant, too, even in hot weather.

Common name: Peppermint Stick chard

Light: Full sun

Height: 24 inches

Width: 12 to 18 inches

Days to maturity: 58

Where to buy and learn more:Renee's Garden