Indigo Blue Beauty: A tomato to turn heads

Everyone has their favorites when it comes to tomatoes, and this may soon be yours. Selected from a cross between a blue tomato variety and the luscious heirloom tomato, ‘Beauty King', Indigo Blue Beauty weighs up to 8 ounces and slices like the best of the beefsteaks.

Fruits are red with eye-catching blue-black shoulders. Bred by tomato guru Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms in Napa Valley, California, this indeterminate variety offers excellent flavor and skin that's both sunburn- and crack-resistant. For best results, space plants 2 to 3 feet apart using cages or trellises, and prepare to be wowed.

Common name: Indigo Blue Beauty tomato

Light: Full sun

Height: Indeterminate (4 to 8 feet tall)

Days to maturity: 80

Where to buy: Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co.; Tomato Growers Supply Co.

More information: Wild Boar Farms,