How to Attach a Window Box to Your House

A window box full of bright flowers is the perfect way to welcome warm weather. Follow these guidelines to mount your own window box on brick, wood, concrete, stucco or vinyl or aluminum siding.

During the winter months, our gardens lie in silent slumber. If you're like most gardeners, though, that doesn't stop you from planning for spring.

Planting some brightly colored flowers in a window box when the beginning of spring finally arrives is a perfect way to welcome the warmer weather. But before you can enjoy a window box overflowing with pretty annuals, you first need to attach it to your house.

Fortunately, attaching a window box is not difficult. Follow these guidelines to mount your own window box on brick, wood, concrete, stucco or vinyl or aluminum siding.

When spring finally does come, you'll be ready!

Provide Support

A window box can be heavy, especially right after you water the plants, so it must be securely supported. The location where you mount the box will help to determine the type of support you choose. There are three main support options: brackets, hooks, or a railing or posts.

Wood or metal brackets work especially well. Brackets are strong and easy to install, and they enhance the appearance of the window box. Several types of brackets are available at gardening centers and hardware stores. Position the brackets 8 inches below the window and evenly across the length of the box. Ideally, each bracket will be inset 6 to 8 inches from each end, but positioning depends on stud locations. Space the brackets no farther apart than 24 inches. The fastening method you use will depend on your home's siding.

You can also attach the box directly to the windowsill or casing with eye bolts and hooks. If you're using this method, the sill or casing must be made of solid wood that is at least ¾ inch thick. The hooks position the box away from the house, so you'll need to attach a spacer to the bottom at the back of the box to keep it level.

Two other support options work well if you'd rather not use brackets and you don't have a solid-wood sill or casing. The first is to screw the box to a wood railing or hang it on the railing with hooks and eye bolts. The second is to mount it on a few 2x2 or 2x4 posts driven at least 18 inches into the ground next to the house's foundation. To camouflage the posts, attach a piece of lattice and plant climbing plants in front of it.

Click here to view a PDF file containing full details about mounting your own window box.