Foliage Feast

Want a lush landscape? Skip the blossoms and embrace the leaves. The color and texture of foliage plants have dramatic impact, especially when they're grouped together like these.

Who needs blossoms for backyard beauty when you can create a lush landscape loaded with the dramatic impact of gorgeous leaves in all shapes, sizes and colors? Here are eight winning combinations of plants and 10 more foliage favorites that are beautiful on their own or paired with others for texture and interest.

As an example of a winning combination, check out this showstopper (see image above). ‘Crème Brulee' coral bells (Heuchera, Zones 4 to 8), with its delicious shades of burnt sugar, pops when set against the foliage of golden lemon balm (Melissa officinalis, Zones 6 to 10). Detailing on the leave of coral bells adds interest, from decorative lobing to shifting color tones.

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Seattle-based writer Marty Wingate is the author of four gardening books, including her most recent, The Garden Plot: A Plotting Shed Mystery (Alibi).