‘Snap Daddy Peach’ Snapdragon—Showstopper!

If you want showy, long-lasting blooms, you can’t go wrong with snapdragons.

‘Snap Daddy Peach’ snapdragon (Antirrhinum), a 2014 ItSaul Plants introduction, boasts variegated foliage topped by striking peach-colored blooms.

Better still, this annual is hardy to Zone 7, so it can be grown as a perennial in some areas, unlike most other snapdragons. And it’s more heat tolerant than other types as well.

Plant it in mixed beds and borders with other annuals and perennials or add it to containers along with ‘Snap Daddy Yellow’ and ‘Snap Daddy Pink’ for a winning trio (pictured above).

Common name: ‘Snap Daddy Peach’ snapdragon

Botanical name: Antirrhinum ‘Snap Daddy Peach’

Light: Full sun to partial sun

Height: 18 inches

Width: 10 to 12 inches

Where to buy: Check for it at your local garden center.