What Do You Love, or Hate, About Lawns?

Our National Home Gardening Club members tell us what they really think about lawns.

Kick back and relax

I love to walk barefoot in the grass, or simply sit and admire the yard. Sometimes, I lie back and look at the clouds with my daughter, feeling the cool grass beneath us.

Siri Coles, Casper, WY

Yards, not lawns

Where I live, we don't have lawns; we have yards. Lawns grow only grass. Yards grow kids, puppies, toy trucks, and dandelions.

Phyllis Hubbard, Corydon, IN

Valuable veggies

A well-maintained lawn looks pretty, but that's about it. I'd rather spend the water, time, and energy on planting a vegetable garden, which not only looks pretty, but also produces delicious and healthy vegetables to eat.

Jin Washington, Sheppard, TX

Letting nature nurture

My lawn is on a hill. Over the years, it has become less and less important since it is hard to mow. I have decided to let nature have its way with it and have been happy with the field of ox-eye daisies instead.

Barbara L. Rexford, Bonners Ferry, ID

Nice and easy

We have a small lawn in the shape of a heart. The lawn is surrounded by perennial beds and is a nice complement to our landscaping.

Lillian Mahaney, Leland, MI

Lawn be gone

What lawn? I keep trying to find ways to hide the weeds that pass for grass in my yard. The more things I can grow in containers to cover the lawn, the better.

Darren Sheriff, North Charleston, SC

Playful and pretty

Our lawn provides the canvas for playing feet, running paws, sprinklers creating rainbows, and cascades of flowering colors.

Kimberly Baierl, Bradfordwoods, PA