Walking on Sunshine Rose

Rose lovers need no excuse to grow the Walking on Sunshine rose. It’s beautiful, colorful, and fragrant, and it is a 2011 All-America Rose Selection winner.

The Walking on Sunshine Rose is the stunning winner of the 2011 All-American Rose Selection. It’s beautiful and it’s perfect for beginners, with its disease resistance and tidy, manageable size and shape. The color of the bright yellow blooms softens as the flowers mature, so you have multiple sunny hues on one bush.

Grow Walking on Sunshine on your patio or in a perennial bed. Or brighten your rose garden with this bountiful floribunda, if you’re not afraid of it outshining all the others.

Common name: Walking on Sunshine rose

Botanical name: Rosa ‘Jacmcady’ Walking on Sunshine

Plant type: Shrub

Zones: 6 to 9

Height: 4 feet

Family: Rosaceae

Growing conditions

  • Sun: Full sun
  • Soil: Average, well-drained
  • Moisture: Average


  • Mulch: Mulch to preserve moisture in the soil.
  • Pruning: Prune to shape in early spring.
  • Fertilizer:Fertilize in early spring and early summer.


  • By cuttings

Pests and diseases

  • Roses are vulnerable to a variety of diseases, including powdery mildew, black spot, cankers, and rust.
  • Aphids, spider mites, borers, and Japanese beetles are among those pests that can be serious problems.

Garden notes

  • Walking on Sunshine has an anise scent. Plant it where you will be able to appreciate the fragrance daily: along a path that you use every day, near a doorway, or next to the patio or deck.
  • This floribunda rose is great in a container or a perennial border.

All in the family

  • Rosaceae is a large family, and many of its species and genera are familiar, from apples, peaches, almonds, and raspberries to hawthorns, cotoneaster, and lady’s mantle.

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