Can You Name This Plant?

The answer is as easy as pie. Clue: These popular garden flowers are so easy to grow and hybridize that experts and amateurs alike have bred them in hundreds of colors. The name of this rare cultivar is a holiday dessert served with whipped cream.

Answer: Minnesota hybridizer Julius Wadekamper introduced this Asiatic lily, Lilium ‘Pumpkin Pie’, in 1979. Wadekamper was especially interested in breeding lilies with brushmarks. In ‘Pumpkin Pie’, this is the irregular sweep of deep burgundy at the center of each bright orange petal. Unfortunately, ‘Pumpkin Pie’ is no longer available for sale. Look for cultivars with similar coloring, such as ‘Loreto’ and ‘Orange Art’, at specialty nurseries. About 3 feet tall. Zones 3 to 8.

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