Give and Bag a Cool Planter

We love these Bloombagz flexible containers. Not only are they colorful and soft, they’re super durable and good for the environment because they’re made from recycled plastic bottles. But Bloombagz is just getting started and needs your help. Give them a boost (and get a container) by supporting their Kickstarter campaign.

Unlike many fabric plant containers, Bloombagz are double-walled, making them extra sturdy. They feel like really heavy felt. The beauty of the fabric is that it’s breathable and that allows plant roots to be air-pruned, making it much less likely they’ll wrap themselves into a ball.

The bags also have a drainage system and reservoir built in so that the roots won’t ever sit in water.

Their Kickstarter campaign only runs until November 27, so check it out. The size of your donation determines how many planters you’ll receive. Give Bloombagz a boost, and bag a cool planter!