Indoor Citrus Trees Deliver Fragrance, Fruit

Here’s a delicious idea that will brighten your winter-dulled spirits: Grow a citrus tree!

Nothing revives the senses more than inhaling the sweet, sunny aroma of citrus blossoms and fruits. And you don’t need to have a California or Florida address to do so—anyone can grow citrus trees indoors. There’s a wide selection from which to choose, including many dwarf hybrids bred specifically for indoor culture. All they require is a sunny window, an appropriate pot, fertile soil and some simple TLC.

You’ll be rewarded with attractive and productive plants with leathery green leaves, pretty blossoms and colorful fruit. Citrus trees can often blossom and fruit at the same time, making them especially prized as houseplants. And while you won’t get a huge harvest, what you do produce will be a visual and tasty treat.

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