Members Share Dream Garden Fantasies

Let’s hear what our members have to say about the garden that they’ll love to tend.

Sacred serenity

I would love a Japanese garden and a koi pond with a relaxing waterfall and dashes of annual color. Over to the side, I would love raised vegetable beds and a fantastic compost pile.

Paula Robertson, Ruckersville, VA

Secret garden

Ever since I read The Secret Garden in elementary school, that has been my dream garden a hidden space lush with trees and vines and flowers, where an introverted child or a harried adult could take refuge from the mad, mad world.

Cynthia Davis, Flagstaff, AZ

Easy and magical

My dream garden would look effortless and magical. It would inspire those who look upon it. I love to pair mints and cosmos, match ferns with delicate yellows, and use bold color contrasts.

Heather Kishineff, American Canyon, CA

Native vision

I love the textures and colors of native plants. My dream garden involves transforming a half acre of nothing but weeds and clay into a lush meadow of native plants, and then watching insects and wildlife move into it.

Cherie Craddock, Wilton, CA

Picture perfect

No weeds, no bad bugs, gentle rain when needed, no wind storms, and everything looks like pictures from a catalog.

Donna McNicholas, Holton, KS

Compost heaven

My dream garden would have deep, soft soil and compost at least a foot deep on top of the native soil, with a compost bin next to my heated greenhouse.

Paul Olkowski, Philadelphia, PA


What’s your ideal-world, unlimited-budget garden?