Planting Forgotten Bulbs

Do you have spring-blooming bulbs (tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, alliums, etc.) that you forgot to plant in autumn?

If they're still healthy, the Netherlands Flower Bulb Center recommends planting them in your garden in winter in areas where the ground is soft, rather than attempting to store and plant them the next spring or autumn.

To flower, spring-blooming need two things: a spot to grow roots and an extended period of cold temperatures. Tulips, for example, prefer about 12 to 16 weeks in the dark with a soil temperature below 50F.

If your garden soil is frozen solid, put the bulbs in pots and keep them in an unheated spot where the temperature is between below 50F. Keep the soil moist, and when warm weather starts in the spring, move the pots outside.

For more info on bulbs visit Bulbs stored in a warm spot in your house over the winter probably would not flower if you planted them in spring.