Winter Gardening Giveaway

The AeroCart from WORX ($159.99) isn’t just a wheelbarrow, it’s a gardener’s best friend. The multi-purpose cart is also a hand truck, an extended dolly, a leaf bag holder, a cylinder holder, a rock and plant mover, and a trailer dolly.

AeroCart exploits the physics of leverage, making it possible to haul heavy loads with ease. As a wheelbarrow, its tub is specially shaped to concentrate the center of gravity directly over the wheels. This creates a perfectly balanced and manageable load that can be lifted and moved. AeroCart’s two wheels improve stability and alleviate side-to-side movement and tipping. At only 22 inches wide, the cart easily moves through gates and the front doors of most homes to transport furniture, totes, boxes, refrigerators (up to 300 lbs.) and even demolition debris. Pull the release knob to transform the cart into a hand truck for carrying bulky plants, shrubs, trees and more. The cart comes with a variety of accessories to help move objects. Optional accessories are also available at