Get Rid of Squirrels

Members share their best tips for deterring these pesky garden visitors.

Sprinkle Some Soap
Grating Ivory soap over the pots or garden beds where I’ve planted my new bulbs keeps the squirrels away.
—Sheila Flynn, Duncan, BC, Canada

Crisco on the Pole
I have birdfeeders on tall poles. I grease the poles with Crisco a couple of times a week. The squirrels look like little firemen sliding down the poles when they try to climb them!
—Sue Long, Kettering, OH

Feed Them
I made a squirrel feeding station on one side of the house and a bird feeding station on the opposite side. As long as I keep food in the squirrel feeders, they never bother the birdseed.
—Cheryl Hurst, Dale, IN

Catch the Seed
Birds drop more seed than they eat. This attracts squirrels. I rigged up a “seed catcher” under the feeder, and every few weeks, I put the seed from the catcher back into the feeder. Squirrels get nothing, and birdseed doesn’t sprout in my lawn.
—Mary Louise Duma, Grand Rapids, MI

Use Two Baffles
After battling squirrels for 13 years, my husband put two squirrel baffles, one bigger than the other, on the feeder pole about 20 inches apart with the big one on top. If squirrels get around the smaller one, they have no footing to get around the larger one.
—Lynda Allegra, Bethlehem, PA

The Hottest Cure
I’ve found the most effective, least costly, and longest-lasting squirrel deterrent is red pepper flakes. Whenever I see them at a dollar store, I stock up. Make sure you cover the soil surface evenly and thoroughly. Chili powder works, too, but will last only until the next watering or rain.
—Gail Doane, Lake Orion, MI