Can you name this plant?

Hang holiday lights on your schefflera, toss tinsel on your jade tree—or show off a houseplant that has holiday spirit built right in.

If you’ve got a row of these splashy, multicolored leaves on your mantel, you won’t need that extra garland. The Latin group name for these familiar shade lovers means “king.”

Answer: Begonias in the Rex-cultorum group – commonly called rex begonias - have some of the most brilliant foliage you can find in the shade. Spots, streaks, and splotches in a wide range of bright colors make these leaves look painted. Rex ebonies are notoriously fussy houseplants, though. They need high humidity, excellent drainage, and moderate temperatures. Grows 12 to 18 inches tall. Pictured below: Begonia 'Cancun Christmas'.